The Human Touch

Primary Human Microphysiological Systems for Testing HSD17B13 Inhibitors

About this webinar:


Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a highly prevalent disease, currently unmet therapeutically. NASH is characterized by fat accumulation in the liver leading to chronic fibrosis and inflammation, which can progress to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Its progression is associated with fatty diets, dysregulation of metabolism and genetic predisposition. Several genes linked to NASH development are associated with lipid droplets, including HSD17B13 which encodes a metabolic enzyme in the lipid droplet membrane.

CN Bio’s liver-on-a-chip, cultured under a high fat stress, provides a human-relevant NASH model for characterizing drugs targeting metabolism. In this webinar, we highlight how the liver-on-a-chip system can be used to assess the impact of HSD17B13 inhibitors on fibrosis, human metabolism and lipid droplets.


Speaker Information:
Dr Gareth Guenigault

Lead Scientist CRO Services
CN Bio

Dr Heather Kay Webb Hsu

Chief Scientific Officer

Watch this webinar to find out how:

  • to rapidly adopt an organ-on-a-chip approach to NASH research
  • to generate clinically translatable data from an industry-proven in vitro NASH model
  • organ-on-a-chip can help you unlock NASH disease mechanisms and confirm drug efficacy and safety

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