Testing on Humans

How to Predict Hepatotoxicity and Drug Clearance Ahead of Clinical Trials Using Liver-on-a-Chip

Current in vitro approaches for investigational toxicology, drug metabolism (DMPK) and safety are limited and are not fully representative of human response; therefore, drugs showing acceptable preclinical toxicity often fail in human clinical trials, and accurately predicting human drug exposure for new compounds is challenging and costly.

Speaker Information:
Dr Tomasz Kostrzewski
Dr Tomasz Kostrzewski

VP - Science & Technology
CN Bio

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Developing liver-on-chip MPS systems and comparison to traditional in vitro liver approaches
  • Modeling human hepatotoxicity prediction using liver-MPS
  • Modeling human drug clearance using liver-MPS
  • Data validating and translatability between organ-on-chips and human
  • Accessing CN Bio MPS technology

Microphysiological Systems (MPS), or Organ-on-chip (OOC) technologies are a trending way to bridge the gap between traditional DMPK/toxicology assays and human trials by providing more robust and reliable data that translate into clinical outcomes.

CN Bio offers preclinical investigational toxicology and DMPK services using its proprietary, industry-proven PhysioMimix™ OOC technology and liver-on-a-chip model. In this webinar, we will share our latest advances in investigational toxicology, drug clearance and drug safety, highlighting how the translatable, human-relevant data generated using CN Bio’s liver-on-a-chip model can be used to support (or call into question) the conclusions of internal pre-clinical studies, helping you to make data driven decisions with greater confidence.

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