From Dose to Circulation

Determination of Drug Oral Bioavailability Using a Gut-Liver Microphysiological System

In this webinar, Dr. Yassen Abbas discusses how CN Bio’s gut-liver MPS can be used for in vitro determination of oral bioavailability. This application has been validated with drugs with known human bioavailability and with a mathematical model developed to enable prediction of oral bioavailability in silico.

Speaker Information:
Dr. Yassen Abbas

CN Bio

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Learn how bioavailability can be determined in vitro using human cells
  • Discover how gut-liver MPS can be used to evaluate a key ADME parameter
  • Discuss the application of mathematical modeling to predict oral bioavailability

Bioavailability is a key parameter of a drug’s behaviour and is determined during pre-clinical development. It is the fraction of a compound that reaches systemic circulation and is important for efficacy and safety considerations. Bioavailability estimations to date have relied heavily on animal models, however, these models are expensive and have limited relevance to humans.

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